Francesco Crisci (University of Udine: B.A., 2002 and Ph.D., 2007) is Assistant professor of Management, School of Economics (Department of Economics and Statistics); (in the past) lecturer in Tourism Management, School of Humanities and Cultural Heritage at the University of Udine; (actually) lecturer at the "School of Specialization in Archaeology", Institute of Humanities and Cultural Heritage. During 2005-2006, Francesco was research fellow at the CRG-PREG, Ecole Polytechnique, in Paris.

His main research interests concern “knowledge intensive” organizations/research contexts in a Critical Management perspective: artistic and cultural organizations (visual and performing arts organizations); creativity and design in the competitiveness of firms and local systems (i.e.: “Made in Italy”); and, science-based companies in a “Science and Technology Studies-STS” perspective (i.e.: life science and biotechnology firms). More specifically, Francesco works in the areas of: operations management and product design; organizational change and innovation in terms of institutional analysis; strategic and decision making/sensemaking processes; postmodern marketing approach & “Consumer Culture Theory-CCT” perspective; knowledge-based perspective in management & organization studies; issues of qualitative methods and interpretive approaches in social science research (organizational symbolism and cultural approaches, historical institutionalism, grounded theory approach, ethnomethodology and actor-network theory, narrative knowledge and semiotic perspective).

Contacts: Department of Economics and Statistics, University of Udine, via Tomadini 30/A, 33100 Udine, Italy. [email:].

Language: Italian (mother tongue); English (working knowledge); French (good working knowledge).